Samsara (2011) *****

What to say about a film like this?
It's all just images and sound - some of the most gorgeous images and sounds you will ever see and hear, that is.
How do you "rate" a movie such as this exactly?
I find it perfect, as an experience.
If you've seen Baraka you know what you're in for.
Samsara is similar, but focuses more on human subjects and man-made (or destroyed) things.
What's it about...?
Everything and nothing.



Some Like It Hot (1959) ***** [Marilyathon Pt. 6]

Sugar Kane: "Boop-boop be-doop!"

 Spats Colombo: "These are my lawyers. All Harvard men."

Jerry/Daphne: "I tell ya, it's a whole different sex!"

Osgood Fielding III: "Nobody's perfect."