Media Meltdown Podcast: Focus On Film - Episode 2: May 2013 Criterion Titles

Hey! Did you know that I started a podcast with my friend Ryan? In it we talk about films available through The Criterion Collection, Twilight Time and other boutique labels, as well as discussing films we love in general.
Focus On Film is a "sub-pod" of the Media Meltdown Podcast (which you should subscribe to on iTunes) and we recorded our 2nd episode recently.
Download the MP3 here.

In this episode:

Movie Matters Podcast: Movie Matters #19 - Top 10 of 2012

Just wanted to plug this episode of Michael Mackenzie & Lee Howard's Movie Matters Podcast.
I was previously a guest on their Brian De Palma Special and Halloween Special III episodes.
They were kind enough to include my MP3 submission of my Top 10 Films Of 2012 in Part II of this current epsiode.
I hope you'll take a listen (click the title of this entry).