Media Meltdown Podcast: Focus On Film - Episode 6: September 2013 Criterion Titles

Focus On Film Episode 6 is up!
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Queens Of The Stone Age '...Like Clockwork' (2013) ****

My deluxe vinyl arrived last Friday (5/31). Featuring double 180g vinyl (that plays at 45 RPM) and a beautiful 20-page illustrated book, it is quite the package (that's what she said). See here.

I didn't get a chance to listen to the album that night and I had to work the next day (Saturday), so my first listen was in the car from MP3s (the vinyl includes a digital download) and I was underwhelmed. Wait...underwhelmed?? With a QOTSA album?!? This is one of my favorite bands! Yes, yes I was.

The next day (Sunday) was a scorcher (95+ degrees) so I stayed in all day (mostly watching movies). I listened to '...Like Clockwork' again, this time on vinyl, reading along with the lyrics in the book. And I enjoyed it SO much more. The vinyl sounds warmer, the levels sound better and the sonic range is more pleasing to my ears. Actually sitting on the couch, listening intently to a record, reading along with lyrics, and taking in all the great artwork is something I rarely do and it was a nice experience.

Yesterday and today (Tuesday, the actual release date of the album) I finished my third listen and I can safely say I really dig this album. It's a bit different for QOTSA. It's mellower overall, none of the drumming is particularly complicated, it's fairly straightforward, but it still has that dark Queens edge and plenty of great unique guitar work. Josh Homme took some risks and I think it's alienating some fans. That's fine. I'm glad this album is growing on me with each listen. It's too damn short though.