Twixt (2011) *

Media Meltdown Podcast: Focus On Film - Episode 8: November 2013 Criterion Titles

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"Focus On Film Theme"Daniel Sardella

The World's End (2013) ***1/2

This was fun. Not in the same league as Shaun or Fuzz (or Scott Pilgrim or Spaced for that matter), but still quite enjoyable. I liked seeing all the Spaced alumni make their appearances (particularly Mark Heap), but the cameos themselves weren't that great. I like that 2 James Bonds have now been in Edgar Wright films. I wasn't jazzed about the camerawork of the fight sequences, but the sequences themselves were good. I liked the Invasion Of The Body Snatchers vibe. But this just wasn't as clever, funny or inventive as either of the other "Cornetto" films. I'm not really excited for Ant-Man either. I hope Wright surprises me, as he did with Pilgrim.

You're Next (2011) **1/2

The Big Heat (1953) *****