A Fistful Of Dollars (1964) ***1/2

Another western based on a Kurosawa film, itself influenced by westerns (John Ford in particular).
Again, this one is great, but can't top the source.

Leone made a bang with his 2nd film, but would certainly hone and improve his style across his remaining 5 films (not including films for which he did not receive a directing credit).

This is also the film that propelled Morricone into the spotlight as an in demand composer of Italian films (particularly the yet to be dubbed "Spaghetti Western", which this film, for better or worse, helped launch). His score is unique, memorable and perfectly compliments Leone's style.

The first film in the "Dollars Trilogy" (I prefer to refer to the films this way, as opposed to the "Man With No Name Trilogy", as Eastwood's character is called "Joe" here) is my least favorite, but is thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.

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