The Big Lebowski (1998) *****

Stone cold cult classic.
Probably the most quotable film that I can think of.
I feel like every scene is so engrained in my head that I can envision it before it plays, and I've probably seen other films that I love more times than this one.
One of the few films that really does deserve every bit of praise it receives.

"This is what happens when you find a stranger in the alps!"



The Holy Mountain (1973) ****

Recommended if you enjoy lizards bedecked in royalty, elderly gentlemen bestowing glass-eyed gifts to underage prostitutes and/or electronic orgasms.

Rainbow assassin

Possibly the coolest 30ish seconds of film you'll ever see.


Clerks (1994) ***1/2

Pivotal film for me.
It holds up fairly well and I do still enjoy watching it, but it doesn't hold nearly the same meaning for me as it used to.
I probably would have rated it ***** when I was 14.


Rubber (2010) ***

Why did I like this film?

"No reason."

 "Life itself is filled with no reason."

I have good reason to post this image though...


The Funhouse (1981) **

Tobe Hooper has made one classic, one underrated film and a bunch of crap.
The Funhouse could have been a lot better if it didn't suffer from the meandering, ploddingness that Eaten Alive also suffers from.
I didn't see Poltergeist growing up either, so when I watched it for the first time a couple of years ago, it didn't do much for me.
I've never seen Lifeforce or Invaders From Mars (though I've heard decent things about both), but I don't know what to expect...

My favorite part of this film was the score.

The face I made while watching this film.
Actually it looked more like a yawn.