Innocent Blood (1992) ***

Innocent Blood (1992) is a a fun and funny vampire meets mob movie mashup that's a bit too long and loses some steam in the second half. I somehow only managed to see this for the first time tonight. An enjoyable flick.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) ***1/2

I really enjoyed Star Wars: The Last Jedi(2017) a lot, loved a lot about it, in fact. But I can't say that I got goosebumps at any particular moment like I did with The Force Awakens (2015). Maybe it's because, in the case of TFA,it had been much longer between SWfilms and the prequels didn't age well at all. Maybe I expected too much from TLJ. I do know that I am looking forward to a second viewing, and as I did with TFA, I will likely see TLJ again in the theater. I do really appreciate that Rian Johnson tried some new things. I wouldn't call it a sea change though - he stuck to the look and the lore and still largely succeeded in making a film with his own stamp.

The good: 
The battle sequences were excellent - largely coherent and well staged. The film felt strongest to me when it the focused on the link between Rey and Ren, and also the scenes between Lukeand Rey. Luke had a particularly strong scene where he got to show off his Force skills. The design was great …

Krull (1983) ***1/2

Krull(1983) is the best big budget box office failure cult Star Wars/Excalibur/Lord Of The Rings(with hints of H.R. Giger) knockoff in existence.

Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) ***1/2

I seem to recall having seen Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) multiple times before but as rewatched it I recalled almost none of it. I'm glad I revisited it — it's a really cute, funny, existential fairy tale with a dark tinge and some fantastic production design, channeling various directors from Fritz Lang to Terry Giliamto Tim Burton. These are the kinds of romantic comedies that I like — ones that aren't afraid to be original and a little weird.

Liquid Sky (1982) ****

If I recall correctly, the first time I saw Liquid Sky(1982) was when I was 13 or 14 years old. On "Take 2" I only remembered bits and pieces, but I thoroughly enjoyed the rewatch. What a bizarre, unique and highly influential little cult film. If you love weird cinema, Liquid Sky delivers one of a kind neon thrills with its blend of amateur acting, early 80s New York backdrop, Punk/New Wave fashion, a squonky/eery Fairlight CMI score, and experimental style.

The Shape Of Water (2017) ****1/2

The Shape Of Water (2017) is a beautiful, brutal adult fairy taleand a good old fashioned romance (with more nudity), all directed masterfully and impeccably by that modern movie wizard Guillermo del Toro.

Water most closely resembles the films of Jean-Pierre Jeunetin design, tone and even parts of the score by Alexandre Desplat, but I definitely got a Spielbergvibe too. All the leads are on point - Sally Hawkinsas the daydreaming headstrong mute, Michael Shannon as the imposing violent force, Richard Jenkinsas the vulnerable relatable loner, Doug Jonesas the literal fish out of water, both powerful and tender.

The story certainly follows a formula of sorts and the actors play strong archetypes but it's all filtered through the unique vision of del Toro. And what a vision - Water is easily the most gorgeous film of 2017 (giving Blade Runner 2049 a run for its money) and one of my favorites from this year as well. This is a movie that demands a second viewing in the theater.

The Disaster Artist (2017) ***1/2

The Disaster Artist (2017) is a really good, funny movie made with heart about a really bad movie made in earnest that turned out to be really funny.

The Room (2003) ***

I'm not sure what it is that is particularly appealing about The Room (2003) as a film, but on my third go-around it's still fun and ridiculous. Naturally I had to revisit it before seeing The Disaster Artist (2017) tomorrow.

The Brood (1979) ****

The Brood (1979) is when Cronenbergreally hit his stride. This tale of manifested rage holds up very well over the years thanks to strong lead performances by Reedand Eggar, a moody Shorescore (his first of many with Cronenberg), a high creep factor, and a perfect blend of psychological drama and low budget horror.

Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) ***1/2

A holiday sleaze classic. It's always Christmas on the "Warm Side Of The Door".

"Two ball in the corner pocket."