Re-Animator (1985) *****

Herbert West: I gave him life

Dr. Carl Hill: It's rather like peeling a large orange. 

Dr. Carl Hill: MrWest! I suggest you get yourself a pen!

 "Cat dead. Details later?"

Dr. Carl Hill: I've always admired your beauty, my dear. 

Scream queen 

Herbert West: Who's going to believe a talking head? Get a job in a sideshow.  

Herbert West: OVERDOSE! 


Silence (2016) ****

Upon a second viewing, I enjoyed this film even more, bumping up my previous rating by a 1/2 star. Even though I'm not religious in the slightest, I can't help but be captivated by this powerful work.

My original review:

Scorsese channels Kurosawa, Kobayashi, and Malick and makes a divisive and challenging companion piece to his previous The Last Temptation Of Christ. Visually stunning and impeccably assembled, but also heavy handed and frustrating. I was engulfed by this film even when I wasn't 100% connecting. Regardless of star rating or nitpicks, it's still an incredible piece of art.


Focus On Film: Episode 55 - October 2017 Criterion Titles

Focus On Film Episode 55 is up!

​This month we're introducing a slightly changed up format. Rygar and Danman talk (a lot about) ’cock, the loss of Romero, THINGs that were frustrating to pre-order + more!

In this episode:

"Focus On Film Theme" & commercial music: Daniel Sardella


Tetro (2009) ****

I love this film. This was my third time watching TETRO and after finally getting around to watching its earlier spiritual brother film RUMBLE FISH, it held special meaning. I hope that FFC can make another great film after the mess that is TWIXT.