Focus On Film: Episode 46 – January 2017 Criterion Titles

Focus On Film Episode 46 is up!

Dan flies solo because YOLO!

In this episode:

"Focus On Film Theme" & commercial music: Daniel Sardella


Night Of The Creeps - Director's Cut (1986) ****

This one has it all - aliens, killer slugs, zombies, axe murder, shotguns, a flame thrower, hot babes, dorks, frat boys, Tom Atkins, awesome one liners, nudity, 80s fashion, a B&W 50s intro, Tom Atkins, quasi gay male leads, an ugly dorky male lead who gets the hot sorority girl, a handicapped best friend, a stereotypical Asian man, a token black police officer, characters named after horror/sci-fi directors (Romero, Carpenter Hooper, Cameron, Cronenberg, Landis, Raimi, Miner), sweet makeup from Berger and Kurtzman, killer practical f/x and gore, more than one classic theatrical poster, Dick Miller, Tom Atkins.


The Thing (1982) *****

"You gotta be fucking kidding..."

"I dunno what the hell's in there, but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is."

"There's nothing more I can do, just wait... This is R.J. MacReady, helicopter pilot, US outpost #31."

"I mean it."

"I know you gentlemen have been through a lot, but when you find the time, I'd rather not spend the rest of this winter TIED TO THIS FUCKING COUCH!"

 "Yeah, fuck you too!"


The House By The Cemetery (1981) ***

She ate knives for breakfast...

Gaping neck wounds are such a bummer.

"Come on, stop - that tickles!"

Better make sure that thing's loaded, Bob.
"OK, flashlight - check. Curious George - check. Pink plastic pistol - check. That monster in the basement is toast!"