Battle Royale II (2003) *1/2


Battle Royale - Director's Cut (Special Edition) (2000) ***1/2

Many people hold Battle Royale in very high regard. While I think the film is a lot of fun, it is far from exceptional. Each time I watch it, it means a little less to me. When I saw it in 2000 or 2001, from a bootleg DVD copy, I thought it was the coolest shit in the world. These days, it's a film I still enjoy, but it hasn't aged as well as many films. Honestly I think it's the same type of popular entertainment that The Hunger Games probably is (haven't seen it yet), with more gore. But I won't form a true opinion on that, not having seen THG - that film could be terrible and pandering.


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011) ***1/2

My previous post explains how I feel.
After a rewatch I actually gave this a 1/2 * less.
It's a great film and I'd be very interested to see what the same cast/crew could do with the other 2 films, but this is 2nd tier Fincher for me.


The Rules Of The Game (1939) ***

Whew. Lots of people consider this the "greatest film ever made".
I can't figure out why exactly.
I thought it was just "OK".
I'm not going to write it off completely, but I have little desire to rewatch it.
Smiles Of A Summer Night was made long after this film and reminds me of it, but I enjoyed Smiles much more.
Maybe it's one of those films like Taxi Driver, which took me 4-5 viewings before I considered it a masterpiece.
Who knows...?


Traffic (2000) ****1/2

One of the coolest movie promo items that I've ever seen, a paper weight that is supposed to be filled with coke, given to me by a former co-worker (thanks Andy!)


Hugo (2011) ***1/2

I read a lot of conflicting reviews about this film.
Many felt it was a masterpiece and many felt it was a disappointment and that Scorsese has become a "hack".
I must admit, it doesn't feel like a Scorsese film at all.
It's been appropriately compared to the filmmaking style of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Robert Zemeckis.
But I guess I fall in the middle with my opinion about the film.
Many things about it did nothing for me and/or felt a bit pedestrian.
Other times I quite enjoyed it and felt emotionally stirred.
It's too bad that it didn't quite click because it could have been truly something special.
Hugo definitely feels like a film that may improve with repeat viewings though.
It's certainly gorgeous and interesting visually.

Die Antwoord 'Ten$ion' (2012) ***1/2

I had to give this one a bunch of listens to decide whether I just liked it or liked it a lot.
And I've decided "I fink it's freaky and I like it a lot".