Focus On Film: Episode 7 - October 2013 Criterion Titles

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Only God Forgives (2013) *****

I flat out loved this film. Every shot was gorgeous. The score by Cliff Martinez was incredible. The dialogue was intentionally sparse and ridiculous at times. The sound f/x were intentionally overemphasized. There were moments where you weren't sure if events on screen were really happening. This is the playground of Lynch, Kubrick and Jodorowsky (there's even a dedication to him during the closing credits). As long as films like this can still be made, I will always have hope for cinema. This year's Beyond The Black Rainbow for me.


Pusher (2012) ***1/2

A very solid remake. Not quite as good as the original, which had a more loose, gritty style, but this is a great slick, modern update. It actually feels like Drive-era Refn directed it at times (though he just produced it) because of the cinematography and choice of shots, music, etc. Speaking of, the soundtrack by Orbital is fantastic. And the Blu-ray image quality is excellent. I would give this film ****, if it were an original film, but it didn't stray from the original at all (even down to using one of the same actors in the same role).

Ministry Of Fear (1944) ***

3:10 To Yuma (1957) ****