The Brood (1979) ****

Movie Matters Podcast #35 - Halloween Special VI

I'm very proud to present this Movie Matters Gialloween episode, which I co-hosted. Details of the episode and the download link are below, and please follow Movie Matters on Facebook and iTunes!

For this, the sixth annual Movie Matters Halloween SpecialLee Howard and Michael Mackenzie welcome back to the hosting chair Demented Danman aka Focus On Film's Daniel Sardella. On this occasion we give our autumnal 'frightivities' a twist of yellow as we hand-pick three gialli to dissect and discuss.

The movies under the analytical knife in this 'Gialloween' triple bill are: Paolo Cavara's stylishly sadistic THE BLACK BELLY OF THE TARANTULA (1971), Massimo Dallamano's undeniably sleazy but still deeply affecting 'schoolgirls in peril' mystery WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE? (1972), and finally an 'American giallo', the deliriously unhinged and highly controversial psychosexual thriller DRESSED TO KILL (1980), directed by Movie Matters favourite Brian De Palma (himself previously the subject of another special episode).

In between the featured reviews, we also catch up on what other gialli and horror films we've seen in the month of October and any 2015 horror movie highlights seen recently.

We'd like to thank friend of the podcast and author Troy Howarth for again supplying us with insightful written contributions and all of the Movie Matters community who kindly shared their Halloween horror viewing experiences with us. Plus we're delighted to belatedly share the 'All Giallo's Eve' spirit by including some fantastic artwork designed by Movie Matters logo creator Rich Wells. We surely speak for many when we wish we could have bundled round to Rich's house to join him in watching these gialli and sip J&B as we play an unmistakably Italian variant of Top Trumps!

The music in this episode is sampled from HALLOWEEN by John Carpenter, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE? and THE BLACK BELLY OF THE TARANTULA by Ennio Morricone, and DRESSED TO KILL by Pino Donaggio.

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We Are Still Here (2015) ***

The acting is pretty uneven and the tone shifts quite a bit in the final act (not necessarily a bad thing), but I really enjoyed the references to THE BEYOND, HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY and THE FOG and the f/x were great.


Legend (1985) ****


  Darkness: Ah, Blix. Come closer. Are you not the most loathsome of my goblins?
Blix: Truly, master.
Darkness: And is your heart black, and full of hate?
Blix: Black as midnight. Black as pitch. Blacker than the foulest witch.

 Lily: This place, holds more magic for me than any palace in the world.

 Blunder: She was so sweet. I could eat her brains like jam!

 Oona: I could be anything you want me to be, even your heart's desire.

 Blix: Higher, higher, burning fire. Making music like a choir! 

 Jack: You don't really mean to eat me, do you?  
Meg: Oh, indeed I do! (cackles)

 Darkness: We are all animals, m'lady.