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The Life And Times 'No One Loves You Like I Do' (2012) ****1/2

Seriously, the best album of this ilk since Failure's'Fantastic Planet'.

Not sure why they chose for the track order to list the "days" out of order or why "Day Four" and "Seven" are missing (B-sides, maybe?). I created a playlist on my iPod and listed the tracks in "day" order and I actually almost like the way the tracks flow better that way, except 2 of the tracks get cut off in weird ways.

Fans of Failure, Shiner, Channels, Burning Airlines, Jawboxand Hum will not be disappointed.

Tokyo Drifter (1966) ****


Movie Matters Podcast: Movie Matters #14 - Top 10 of 2011

Just wanted to plug Michael Mackenzie & Lee Howard's Movie Matters Podcast.
I was previously a guest on their Brian De Palma Special episode.
They were kind enough to include my MP3 submission of my Top 10 Films Of 2011 in this current epsiode.
I hope you'll take a listen (click the title of this entry).

Harvie Krumpet (2003) ****

This short film is included on the Mary And Max Blu-ray. It's great.

Toy Story (1995) ***

Finally watched this. I'm not really into CG animated films; I'm just not. Love the writing, the voice acting and some of the animation/character design is great, but I still can't get into the look - too pristine, too clean.

Mary And Max (2009) ****1/2

Re-watched Mary And Max. So beautifully done in every regard (animation, music, voice-over). Really hits every emotion. A truly wonderful film.

Hanna (2011) ****

Enjoyed this more the 2nd time. Earned an extra 1/2 *.

The Ides Of March (2011) ***1/2


Haywire (2011) ***1/2

Funny. The last 2 movies that I watched in a row wereSoderbergh films. Another great film from him, written by Lem Dobbs, writer of the superb and underrated The Limey, which Haywirefeels similar to at times. David Holmes, one of Soderbergh's 2 go-to musicmen, delivers another impressive score.

Contagion (2011) ****


X-Men: First Class (2011) ****


Road To Perdition (2002) ****1/2

"It's all so fucking hilarious."

The Lady Vanishes (1938) ****


"I say..."

13 Assassins (2010) ***


Torso - Full-Length Italian Director's Cut (1973) ***1/2

Bad boys.
So many beauties:

The Terminator (1984) ****


Danman's Top 10 Films Of 2011

Drive *****The Tree Of Life ****Hanna ****Contagion ****Hobo With A Shotgun ****X-Men: First Class ****The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo***1/2Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes***1/2A Dangerous Method***1/2The Muppets***1/2Honorable Mentions:

1. Source Code ***1/2 2. I Saw The Devil ***1/2
3.Insidious ***
Biggest Disappointment:

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy ***
Worst Film:

Attack The Block *
*The reason that some selections have higher star ratings, but lower positions has to do with replay value, entertainment value, credibility/deliverance within genre, etc.

I thought it would be fun to include all my previous Top Films since I started keeping track of them, when I used to work for Newbury Comics. Looking back at these, there are a bunch of titles that I would definitely shift to higher or lower positions, switch from Honorable Mentions to Top 10 and vice versa, but I decided to leave them untouched, for posterity's sake. The majority of them were spot on though, and I continue to l…

Danman's Top 20 Albums Of 2011

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead ‘Tao Of The Dead’ ****1/2Death Cab For Cutie ‘Codes And Keys’ ****Thao & Mirah ‘Thao & Mirah’ ****1/2Boots Electric ‘Honkey Kong’ ****St. Vincent ‘Strange Mercy’ ****The Black Keys ‘El Camino’ ****Peter Gabriel ‘New Blood’ ****1/2My Morning Jacket ‘Circuital’ ***1/2Tom Waits ‘Bad As Me’ ***1/2The Cars ‘Move Like This’ ***1/2Charles Bradley ‘No Time For Dreaming’ ****Foo Fighters ‘Wasting Light’ ***1/2Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ (Soundtrack) ****Primus ‘Green Naugahyde’ ***1/2The Chemical Brothers ‘Hanna’ (Soundtrack) ****Trap Them ‘Darker Handcraft’ ****The Go! Team ‘Rolling Blackouts’ ***1/2Fujiya & Miyagi ‘Ventriloquizzing’ ***1/2Cliff Martinez ‘Drive’ (Soundtrack) ***1/2DJ Shadow ‘The Less You Know, The Better’ ***1/2Honorable Mentions:

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi ‘Rome’ ***1/2

Happy Birthday, Blog!

My blog is 1 year old today!

I posted about my yearly film watching ratios on Valentine's Day of last year (that's not sad, right...?).
I'm reposting that info here to include 2011:

2005 - 339 (that's a lot of films!)
2006 - 369 (wow, more films than days in the year!!)
2007 - 274 (quite the jump down!)
2008 - 270 (very similar to 2007)
2009 - 234 (steadily declining)
2010 - 188(whoa, BIG drop)
2011 -236 (back up from 2010 and on par with 2009)

Here's hoping for some great 2012 films (and music), with such anticipated titles as Ridley Scott's Xenomorph-less Alienprequel Prometheus, Tarantino's  Django Unchained, Sam Mendes' Bond film Skyfall (007), Tim Burton's full-length stop-motion remake of Frankenweenie, The Dark Knight Rises and Soderbergh'sHaywire!

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest - Extended Edition (2009) ***1/2


The Girl Who Played With Fire - Extended Edition (2009) ***1/2

The Extended Edition of the 2nd Millennium film earns an extra 1/2 * from my previous rating. This fleshed-out version is more compelling.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Extended Edition (2009) ****

The Extended Edition fills in some nice bits from the book that were cut out from the theatrical version. I can't say that I feel that it's vastly superior to the shorter version (I enjoyed them both), but I'm glad to own the longer version.

After rewatching this, I DO think that I prefer it over theFinch version, but there are parts of both films (characters, dialogue, events) that I like and dislike or feel that were handled better in one version over the other. I think, if anything, it'll be fun to have both versions to rewatch, once the 2011 version gets released on Blu-ray.