I Drink Your Blood (1970) *1/2

Focus On Film: Episode 17 - August 2014 Criterion Titles

Focus On Film Episode 17 is up!
This month Ryan and I were joined by our new regular co-host Alex!!!
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Futureworld (1976) ***

Forbidden Zone - Color Version (1980) ****

I guess it's kind of a shame that my first experience with this film was the colorized version, but I didn't find out it was shot and released in B&W until after I started watching it and I only had that version available to watch, as it was a rip from a friend. I must say though, I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't looked it up and I think the color version has a pretty neat look to it. I had been meaning to see this one for a long time and I loved it. So much so that I bought it right after I finished watching it.


The Terminator (1984) ****1/2

The Black Keys 'Turn Blue' (2014) **1/2

I've said it before - I certainly don't mind that The Black Keys don't have their raw edge anymore. I liked their last 2 albums a lot (I gave 'El Camino' 4 stars). Looking back at my thoughts on that album, I wish I could say all the same applied to 'Turn Blue', but sadly it doesn't come close. This isn't an outright bad album, it's just not very interesting or exciting. It reminds me of Modest Mouse's 'Good News For People Who Like Bad News'  at times (barf). I've listened twice through so far and it's probably going to be the Black Keys album that I visit the least (if ever).


Escape From Tomorrow (2013) **1/2

An interesting experiment with some nicely shot sequences, but unfortunately hampered by poor acting, editing and pace. A great concept that could have gone so much deeper in its themes, but ultimately remains pointless.


Fujiya & Miyagi 'Artificial Sweeteners' (2014) ****

A little less organic than this band's usual sound, with a bit more Aphex Twin and a bit less Can influence, but still a winner. If you dig songs that contain only 3-4 lines of lyrics (a la Kraftwerk & Can) and/or you're already familiar with these guys, you shouldn't be let down.