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The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three (1974) ****1/2

Beyond cool. About as New York as it gets. The cast rules. This film flat out rocks. The theme song is fucking badass (the whole score is great) - see below. Sadly, not one other thing that Joseph Sargenthas directed interests me in the slightest, except maybe Jaws: The Revenge... a little.

I have zero interest in watching the remake.

Legend (1985) ****

The colors, production design, cinematography, phenomenal makeup by Rob Bottin (the man) and overall magicalness are what earn this film four stars, more so than the acting, plot or dialogue (even though I quote a lot of it).

Recommended if you enjoy crouching Tom Cruise, heavily prosthetisized Tim Curryand/or gothed-out Mia Sara.

I'll never get over this crush:

Get Shorty (1995) ***1/2

Blue Sunshine (1978) **

I had been meaning to watch this for a while. I was always drawn to the poster art, well...DVD art. Pretty let down. Poor acting, no gore, random plot points, messy. Not recommended per say but I would never tell someone not to watch a movie.

Arsenic And Old Lace (1944) ***1/2

Finally got around to watching this. One of the few classic Cary Grant films that I hadn't seen yet. Fun, loopy performance from Grant and great direction from Capra. I always love seeing Peter Lorreas well. Amazingly, the only other film I've seen that he directed is It's A Wonderful Life.
It's interesting how films based on plays, like this one, often actually feel like plays (staging, choice of shots, etc).

Bronson (2008) ****

Recommended if you enjoy naked bloody caged men, naked fighting buttered men and/or naked hostage-taking black-painted men.

Black Swan (2010) ***1/2

Second viewing. Liked it a little more.

Recommended if you enjoy scaly shoulder wounds, frequent hand to crotch contact, and/or Natalie Portman fantasizing about eating herself out.

Coogan's Bluff (1968) ***

A Pigeon-Toed Orange Peel! No more, no less.

The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957) ****


The Red Shoes (1948) ***1/2 [CC Night #7]

Recommended if you enjoy uppity bickering college students, uppity bickering director/composer teams, and/or if you want to see probably the most beautifully filmed hallucinatory dance sequence ever put to celluloid.

Carlito's Way (1993) ****

Underrated "gangster" film. As far as De Palma goes, I'll take this over Scarface any day. Pacino's Carlito has so much more charisma, spirit and love than Tony Montana. He's also trying to get out of his "business", not rise to power. The tragedy is that he could not escape his lifestyle, no matter how legitimately he tried.

Network (1976) ****1/2


I Saw The Devil (2010) ***1/2

Some Like It Hot (1959) *****

Films don't get much better than this. One of my Top 10 Comedies (along with Young Frankenstein, Pee-wee's Big Adventure and Ghostbusters).

I don't want to always get "the fuzzy end of the lollipop".

Manhattan Baby (1982) **

Kinda feels like Fulci was trying to recreate The Beyond...with little success. There is one really neat scene with "blood" expanding on a wall.

Sweet Smell Of Success (1957) ****1/2

Wow. Every once in a while you see a film that just blows you away. Damn, this film moves. At near breakneck pace.

The dialoguecrackles. The performances are impressive. The score bursts and simmers. The images are gorgeous. The direction is spot on.

*The characternames are also great.

Le Cercle Rouge (1970) ****1/2 [French Gangster Double Feature Pt. 2]

Le Cercle Rouge(1970)has some interesting parallels w/ Pt. 1 of my French Gangster Double Feature, including one scene that was almost identical. I can only deduce that Le Cercle Rouge and Melville in general must have been influences. This was my second time viewing this film. Just as great as I remembered.

Mesrine: Public Enemy #1 (2008) ***1/2 [French Gangster Double Feature Pt. 1]

I enjoyed this film more than the first. It seemed to delve a little deeper into the emotions of the characters and relied a bit less on action and style. I also found the score to be even better than the first film, which isn't surprising as it was composed by Marco Beltrami.

Shock Corridor (1963) ***1/2 [CC Night #6] [Samuel Fuller Double Feature Pt. 2[

Recommended if you enjoy angry voice-overs with copious amounts of reverb, violent nymphos, and/or lots and lots of screaming.

The Naked Kiss (1964) ***1/2 [CC Night #6] [Samuel Fuller Double Feature Pt. 1]

Recommended if you want to watch pocketbook beatings preceding madam mouths being stuffed with dirty money, cops named Griff who change their tune at the drop of a hat, and/or hookers with hearts of gold that encourage handicapped children to sing creepy songs.

*Bonus recommendation - if you like women named "Hatrack".

Murder À La Mod (1968) **1/2

Parts of this were great, parts were laborious; it would have benefited from being an hour long at most, if not shorter. I see a little Rashomon or The Killing influence, but not executed as interestingly. At times this just feels like typical 60s "experimental" film-making. Not bad for De Palma'sfirst feature length though.

I will say this - it looks pristine (this film is included as an extra on the Criterion BD of Blow Out).

Blow Out (1981) ****

Great, great film. Probably my favorite De Palma film that I've seen so far. Awesome Blu-ray from Criterion, which I got for a great price during an Amazon sale!

Heartbreak Ridge (1986) ***

Heartbreak Ridge(1986) has some of the best one-liners ever.