The Magnificent Seven (1960) ***1/2

Oddly enough, this movie doesn't hold up as well as I'd hoped.
I believe this is my 3rd viewing.
Obviously, it's nowhere near as good as the source film, and it is still a great film with an incredible cast and score, but it doesn't blow me out of the water on repeat viewings.
I can't complain though, I snagged the Target exclusive standalone BD for $10!


Revanche (2008) ***1/2 [CC Night #2]

Much less talking involved in this Criterion Collection Night.
Although Rygar & I managed to miss a somewhat crucial plot point earlier than we should have, but only because it wasn't overtly obvious.
This didn't detract from the film watching experience though.
Oh, if only America weren't so afraid of sex in movies - Europeans just present it as it is.

Recommended if you enjoy watching the worst execution of a bank robbery ever, multiples sequences of a moustached man chopping wood and/or an old man playing accordion.


Iron Man 2 (2010) ***1/2

Just as good as the 1st film, imo.
What's funny is I realized that I've seen the 1st film once, while I've now seen the 2nd twice.


Mary And Max (2009) ****1/2

Fantastic film.
Beautiful claymation.
Wonderful score.
Poignant, but not sappy.
Funny, but doesn't pander.
Loved it.

Thank you to Victoria for the suggestion.


The Manchurian Candidate (1962) ****

It's funny how some of the acting in this film is what dates it and not the actual content/events.
That said, most of the acting is superb and most of the shots/editing is as well.
I don't understand why Janet Leigh, who is barely in the film and is serviceable at best (she's not given much to work with) is billed before Angela Lansbury, who steals the movie.
The subject matter is timeless.
A powerful film that still contains moments of shock.

Now repeat after me: "Daniel Sardella is the bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life."


Jacob's Ladder (1990) ****

I forgot how beautiful and creepy this film is.
It should really be held in higher regard.
A whole lot of talent involved here.
This movie deserves better treatment (visual/supplemental) on Blu-ray!


Catfish (2010) ***1/2

Fascinating film.
Everyone is saying to go in to it knowing as little as possible.
I would have to agree, that is what I did.
Trust my recommendation and give it a shot.
All I'll say is that it's about internet relationships vs real relationships.


Alice In Wonderland (1951) ****1/2

As classic as they come.
BD looks very nice.
Why can't Disney make films like this anymore?
Every major misstep that Burton has made has been a remake and this is 1 of the 3.


Summertime (1955) *** [CC Night #1]

My first "non-epic" David Lean film.
Rygar & I began our first, and hopefully regular, Criterion Collection Night with this title.
We really should have paid more attention and talked less though...


The American (2010) ***1/2

This is a great, deliberately slow "suspense thriller" (more of a drama), in the vein of The Limey, filled with beautifully framed shots (many of which are amazing landscapes) and extremely attractive people.

Shutter Island (2010) ****

Love it.
Great acting, great sets, great cinematography, great editing, great musical selection, great atmosphere.
I think people complaining about the ending are not appreciating the process which leads to the ending and how that is more important.
Some day I'll get around to reading the novel.


Buried (2010) ***

Good film.
Creative use of limited setting.
Nice performance.
Not sure how much repeat value there is though...