Placebo 'Loud Like Love' (2013) ****1/2

They haven't quite reached the heights of greatness that they are capable of since Sleeping With Ghosts (and Black Market Music is still my favorite by them), but this is much better than their last album, Battle For The Sun and is excellent overall. A slick little affair that still feels like Placebo.

Nine Inch Nails 'Hesitation Marks' (2013) ***1/2

Finally getting around to rating this one. I wanted to listen to the album at least a few times to let it set in. It's grown on me a bit since my initial reaction, but I'm still not super crazy about it. There are some great songs and moments, but the production is a little tame for me (for a NIN album) and I'm not left super excited and wanting to listen to it over and over again.

"The Eater Of Dreams" is filler, in my opinion.
"Copy Of A" is a good, strong single.
"Came Back Haunted" is decent.
"Find My Way" is decent.
"All Time Low" is excellent and the outro is incredible.
"Disappointed" leaves me, well...... It's also unnecessarily long.
I really don't like the song "Everything", no matter how many chances I give it. A sore spot for the album and likely detracted a 1/2 * from my rating.
"Satellite" is very good. Great beat.
"Various Methods Of Escape" is good, but the choruses are really the strong point. The rest makes me yawn a bit.
"Running" is interesting.
"I Would For You" is up and down for me. I can bob my head to it, but it's not the most fulfilling track, per say.
"In Two" is pretty awesome (reminds me of "Burn" from The Crow soundtrack).
"While I'm Still Here" is a moody mellow track and it's fine.
"Black Noise" is really just an outro for "While I'm Still Here", so it's not filler per say, but I'm not sure why Trent felt the need to separate the tracks.

I've listened to the Audiophile Mixes and they do sound better, but it's pretty subtle. Low ends breathes a little easier, overall mix isn't as loud (some parts still sound a little brickwalled to me though), fidelity is a little better.

Lindsey Buckingham (of Fleetwood Mac) plays guitar on 3 tracks, but it's hard to really discern. Adrian Belew's (of King Crimson) guitar playing is a little easier to spot (and particularly good on "All Time Low"), but he's contributed to NIN before.

The Intouchables (2011) ****