The Adventures Of Tintin (2011) ***

Enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would, given that I don't dig the hyper-realistic mo-cap stuff.
I loved the Tintin comics as a child, but I was put off by the trailer for this film, so I avoided it in the theater.
I'm glad that I've seen it now, but it's not worth a purchase in my mind.
I'm actually fairly impressed by the CGI, especially because I expected to loathe it in this film.

The action and pace is basically Indiana Jones lite. And when I say "lite" I mean due to the toned down violence and lack of sexual content, not due to lack of action, which I actually think there is too much of.
This film suffers the same problem that a lot of modern films do, in that they have too much action.
I just don't get as excited by "action" in films the same way as I do by great dialogue or impressive set pieces or camerawork. I need my films to breathe a bit more. Inversely, wall-to-wall action is what makes me lose interest or start to grow weary.

I will say though, I loved the opening credits animation and had the whole film been shot like that Tintin would have been more interesting to me.
Overall a fun film and a good effort, but not an "adventure for all time" in the way that the Indy films are.

 I can only think of perverted captions to add here...


Roadracers (1994) ***1/2

I hadn't even heard of this Robert Rodriguez film before it got released on Blu-ray this week.
Well, it's actually a TV movie, which was part of a series, which I'm interested to see the other parts of now.
This is a whole lot of fun and style and way better than you might expect.
Probably the best $6.99 you could spend right now.

Salma Hayek on roller skates...hottest thing on wheels ever?


David Peace 'Nineteen Seventy-four' (1999) ****

Neo-noir doesn't get much better. BLEAK.

Red Riding: 1974 (2009) ****

Re-watched this after reading the novel.
Lots of bits left out in the film (particularly a big one towards the end) and certain characters/plot points were combined.
Nonetheless, this is an excellent adaptation.
Though now I feel depressed.

Edward Dunford, North of England Crime Correspondent

 Paula Garland, beautiful and wounded; daughter and husband both dead

John Dawson, fucks who he wants to fuck.