The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

The following is a comment that I left in response to a blog post by horror film shirt-makers Fright-Rags. I thought I'd post it here as well.

This is just what springs to mind at the moment. I guess my list is less about very specific memories overall and more about landmarks in my life.

The Cure 'Disintegration' & 'Mixed Up
What I would play while making love to my first girlfriend, who was also my first love.

Nerf Herder 'Nerf Herder'
One of the many CDs I would play on my car stereo at night as a teenager while causing trouble with my friends around our home towns. I bought this album simply because I liked the cover, a risk I would never take anymore.

Michael Jackson 'Thriller' & various 'Weird Al' Yankovic albums
I used to play these on cassette on my rad silver boombox in the mid 80s. I miss that boombox dearly. 'Thriller' is also one of only two albums that I've owned on cassette, vinyl and CD; the other is the B-52's first album.

Fishbone, INXS & Living Coloür
Bands that my cousin Bryan got me into, by giving me his old cassettes. Helped to diversify my musical tastes.

Aphex Twin & Tricky
I bought the 'I Care Because You Do' and 'Maxinquaye' CDs in 1995 from BMG because they were in my catalog under "Electronic" music. I don't even know why I bought them, but I remember when I got them that I had never heard music like this before and that my musical tastes would forever be changed and further diversified.

The Reverend Horton Heat 'Liquor In The Front'
The first vinyl record that I ever bought, which I bought from a music store on the Hampton Beach strip. Later on in life, I would come to realize that the owner of the store where I bought that record, along with many bootlegs, posters, etc, was a customer of mine, when I worked for Newbury Comics. Circle of life.

Fugazi 'Red Medicine'
Another album I bought from the Hampton Beach store and a band that became very important to me, and still is. This is the first album that I bought by Fugazi and is still my favorite album by them.

The Cars
They just make me think of summer in general and also of driving. I recently got to see them live with my mother, which was special since the reason I love The Cars so much is because my Mum played them a lot when I was young. The show was great and they are still awesome - I like the new album a lot!


  1. Thanks for the mention. You have introduced me to a bevy of musicas well.

  2. BMcG -

    "Bevy of musicas" is a great expression!