Film Noir That I Own

This was inspired by my 1st-time viewing of Kiss Me Deadly tonight.

This was a little tough to decide on.
Plenty of films are "noirish", but I tried to stick to films that are true examples and not just police procedurals (Se7en), gangster/crime flicks (Scarface, White Heat, etc) or thrillers (M), psychological or otherwise.
But then I put things in there like Dillinger and Dark Passage.
I avoided overly Sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and Dark City.
But I did decide to include Sin City because I feel it adheres most to noir, of its influences.

Noir is funny like that; it's hard to pinpoint what it is exactly and people have different opinions about what it is and what films qualify, but here's what I decided on:

(Click image to make larger)

Note: A few titles are absent, such as Sunset Boulevard, the DVD of which I sold when the Blu-ray was announced, but there is still no release date. The Killing and Killer's Kiss will be added to the collection next month, thanks to Criterion.

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