Steve Jobs (2015) ****

Danny Boyle is a director that I'm largely hot and cold about - I love SHALLOW GRAVE, very much enjoy TRAINSPOTTING, hated SUNSHINE, was lukewarm for SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, I used to really like 28 DAYS LATER and now I'm lukewarm for that as well. I wasn't dying to see STEVE JOBS but ended up enjoying it much more than expected.

The dialogue by Aaron Sorkin is what shines and we've come to expect that. Boyle does some interesting things with the camera and his images and that's expected as well, though I don't feel that every choice works. All the actors inhabit their roles well, particularly Fassbender, who was inspired casting, portraying a man who truly was an innovator, yet was a flawed human being, as we all are. The film is very humorous and largely avoids falling into "feel-good" territory. Definitely recommended.

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