Phenomena - Italian Version (1985) ***1/2

It's really easy to have a love/hate relationship with Argento and Fulci films, primarily because what's good about them is so good and what's bad about them is really bad. But I can think of few other directors for which I am so forgiving of their films' flaws.

My thoughts from my previous blog write-up remain largely the same but I'm awarding Phenomena (1985) another 1/2 star this go around. It's one of those films (as with others by both directors mentioned above) where my opinions fluctuate, but it's just so gloriously scattershot in a fantastic way that I can't help but appreciate it.

I'm also thrilled that we finally have a better and properly restored version from Arrow Video (huge uptick in picture quality), produced by my friend and fellow podcaster Michael Mackenzie and released in a handsome limited edition with excellent essay contributions from Rachael Nesbit and more!

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