Baby Driver (2017) ****

I wasn't sure where my opinion was going to lie with this one. I ended up loving it. It is by far the most "pop" Edgar Wright film so far but it still has his stamp all over it.

The soundtrack really is gosh darn good and the choreography of the scenes around the songs is impeccable and done in a way that no other filmmaker could accomplish. Musicians themselves crop up all over this film as well - most obviously Paul Williams, FleaSky Ferreira, but also Big Boy, Killer Mike and (somehow I missed it) Jon Spencer (JSBX is the first track used in the film).

I like that Wright isn't afraid to acknowledge his influences (obviously THE DRIVER and DRIVE), including a cameo from Walter Hill (which I apparently also missed), but also includes homages to THE OMEN and I'm sure other stuff that I need a 2nd viewing to catch (as with SPACED it can be a near impossible task to catch all the references the first time through).

Really this film is just fun, lots of fun.