Twin Peaks (2017) ****

I don't typically rate/review TV shows on the blog, but seeing as David Lynch himself considers Twin Peaks (2017) to be an "18-hour film," I figured I'd jot down a few spoiler-free thoughts after "Take 2."

The first go through, I watched TP as it was broadcast weekly, like the rest of the world, not counting the premiere of the first 2 episodes at the Luna Theater, which I attended in character as Cooper (my friend Becky was Lucy). The initial watch of the series was a very frustrating experience. Some plot lines and characters seemed to go nowhere. Some elements were straight up silly, in my opinion. But there was so much to appreciate still. So many great characters, moments and emotions. And don't get me wrong - I wasn't expecting a rehash. I know Lynch better than that. I'm also a massive fan of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992), which has been known to divide fans of the original series.

On a rewatch, a lot of stuff that bothered me the first time bothered me less. There are definitely still choices that I think were confoundingly stupid, but the original series was never perfect either (well maybe the first season was). I found myself appreciating the new series more, certain details were revealed more clearly, and I honestly think watching all 18 episodes in a shorter span of time (a couple of weeks) was a contributing factor.

The original series took a dip in quality in the second season, but I'm a bit of an apologist for it. The Return series fluctuates differently. Within the same episode there exist brilliant and maddening moments in equal measure. And like all truly great, complex, surrealist/abstract art, I think that's only appropriate. Not all films, music, paintings, etc. are immediately lovable or digestible, but challenging art shouldn't necessarily be. I'm glad that I gave TP (2017) another shot with an open heart because I can tell it's going to go down as one of my favorite "television shows" ever.

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