Matinee (1993) ***1/2

Matinee (1993), a film that had been on my radar since its theatrical release but somehow eluded me until now, is a loving tribute to the b-movie showman William Castle. It makes sense that Joe Dante directed this film, being a monster kid, but it's also something that John Waters could have made, being probably the most famous devotee of Castle. Of course, that would have been a different take, I'm sure.

John Goodman was inspired casting but has less screen time than I expected. I didn't realize that the film is told more from the point of view of the teenagers, who do a great job, by the way (I'm more often than not irked by child actors). Dante mainstays Dick Miller and Robert Picardo turn in typically strong supporting parts and Jerry Goldsmith delivers one his many many brilliant scores.

Overall, Matinee is a very good movie about the art of moviemaking and more specifically movie presentation.