The Room (2003) **1/2

If I were rating this film as a film, I'd probably give it 0 or *. As an experience I give it ***1/2. Hence, **1/2.


  1. I find that this film gets better and better with repeat viewings. It's so astoundingly awful that it eventually goes all the way round the horn and becomes a masterpiece.

    The story behind the making of it is even more of a fascinating mess than the end result, by the way, and is well worth reading: http://www.amazon.com/The-Disaster-Artist-Inside-Greatest/dp/1451661193

  2. Michael,

    I may just have to read that book.
    I may just have to put that book in my pocket with my stupid comments (though I think it's a hardcover; it may not fit).

    The most amazing thing to me is that Wiseau spent/raised $6 million to make that film (I didn't realize it was his own money) and yet EL MARIACHI cost $6,000!

    I wonder, are Tommy and Greg still friends, after he wrote this book?