St. Vincent 'St. Vincent' (2014) *****

Wow. WOW. WOW.

This is just an incredible album. I can't remember the last time I had this good of a first impression of an album - probably Bowie's 'The Next Day', which was my favorite album of last year. And this could easily be my favorite album of this year (it's gonna be hard to top it anyway).

It's quite literally a perfect album - every track is concise, energetic, original, catchy.

Speaking of Bowie, I don't hesitate to mention Annie Clark in the same breath as him and Peter Gabriel because like them, she's a trailblazer. Every one of her 4 albums is unique and worthwhile. She changes her look regularly. And man, can she shred a guitar.

I can't even believe this is the same person I saw playing bass for John Vanderslice in San Diego in 2007, two months before her first album even dropped. Majorly looking forward to listening to this LP again - I can tell it's gonna get a lot of spins this year.

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