The Faint "Doom Abuse" (2014) ****

It's been 6 years (the longest wait between LPs) since The Faint's last album, Fasciinatiion, was released. The last album was solid (and oddly enough, their highest charting), but their second weakest so far, sounding a bit too precise and clean for my tastes. Media holds the distinction of being my least favorite Faint LP, but it was also before the band embraced synths and their "darkwave" style, so it really sounds nothing like The Faint.

Doom Abuse relies on a traditional guitar/bass/drums setup, but still sprinkles the synths and dancy quality on top of the (sometimes abrasive) punk style. A couple of tracks are very reminiscent of Devo and that's never a bad thing, if it's done properly. 

Every track is catchy, concise and well put together. If I have one qualm, it's that the names of the songs being sung on the choruses can get repetitive and make some of the songs sounds samey, but hey, no one complained when the Ramones did that.

As a reference point, I'd say Doom Abuse most closely resembles Wet From Birth, my second favorite by these boys and even sounds a bit like (Blank-Wave Arcade) (my introduction to the band and still my favorite). If you've been with the band up until now, you shouldn't be let down.