Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) ***1/2

I seem to recall having seen Joe Versus The Volcano (1990) multiple times before but as rewatched it I recalled almost none of it. I'm glad I revisited it — it's a really cute, funny, existential fairy tale with a dark tinge and some fantastic production design, channeling various directors from Fritz Lang to Terry Giliam to Tim Burton. These are the kinds of romantic comedies that I like — ones that aren't afraid to be original and a little weird.


  1. A few years back I went on a Tom Hanks binge with Netflix DVDs. This was a decent flick but not sure if I'd ever watch it again. As you mentioned, I don't really remember anything about it other than what the title refers to.

    1. You had a Hanksgiving, if you will? Had yourself a little Hank Spank, did ya?

    2. I'd say revisit it. It's a great little movie.


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