All The Colors Of The Dark (1972) ***1/2

All The Colors Of The Dark (1972) was Sergio Martino's third of five gialli (and likewise my third favorite of the five) made one after the other from 1971–1973, all of which were written by giallo juggernaut Ernesto Gastaldi.

Colors is the giallo answer to Rosemary's Baby (1968) (which Martino has gone on record stating was a big influence to his approach)—a hallucinogenic, psychosexual thriller complete with a Satanic cult. Colors also stands out because it doesn't have a high body count or a lot of bloodshed, no black-gloved POV shots, and, while there is nudity courtesy of gorgeous giallo queen and lead Edwige Fenech, the film doesn't ogle its female stars in quite the same way as many gialli.

Colors is handsomely shot—in particular the nightmare vision sequences are striking—and the score by Bruno Nicolai features an excellent, catchy choir-lead rock theme. I remembered really enjoying ATCOTD and this rewatch didn't disappoint—it ranks in my top 20 giallo.

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