Return Of Sabata (1971) ***1/2

Lee Van Cleef returns to the titular role in Return Of Sabata (1971), the third and final film in Gianfranco Parolini's trilogy, comprised of the only three official Sabata films. Parolini goes further into camp territory than either of the previous films, but there is a stylishness to Return that hints at other genres, such as the giallo (particularly in the lighting and cinematography of the intro). Our grinning hero opts for numerous small, concealed pistols, as, aided by more than one humorous but useful sidekick, he rids a town of an unlawful clan's rule. This entertaining romp features a score from returning composer Marcello Giombini, which, with its jazzy stylings (pulsing vibraphone, psychedelic fuzz guitar and airy flute), is more akin to Mancini than Morricone. It also has a theme song that will get stuck in your head for days (🎶He's the only invincible man in the countrysiiide🎶). If you're willing to embrace the over the top nature, ROS is a lot of fun throughout and doesn't overstay its welcome.