David Lynch & Kristine McKenna "Room To Dream" (2018) ****1/2

Room To Dream (2018) presents a unique approach to a biography—for each chapter, the first section is written by Kristine McKenna with much of her material being pulled from interviews with David Lynch's collaborators, friends, and family. The second section of each chapter is written by Lynch himself, both commenting on the first section and making his own observations re: all the pivotal points in his life.

Lynch has always been a fascinating person and this is an equally fascinating read, touching upon all the various facets of his life and career—film, painting, music, love, relationships—expanding on subjects that the documentary film David Lynch: The Art Life (2016) (which is great and worth your time) only hinted at.

This is an absolutely essential read for fans of the man—it's inspiring, engrossing and melancholic in equal measure. My only complaint: I would have liked a little more meat on certain topics. When it comes to such an interesting individual as Lynch and those that he chooses to surround himself with, the stories seem like they could never end. But I guess that's why there is room to dream...