The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) ****1/2

I was wavering between a 4-star a 4 1/2-star rating for The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) in my mind for some time, but decided to settle on ****1/2 because I think a repeat viewing will make me appreciate it even more. Because the first time I see a Wes Anderson film I'm usually just along for the ride and grinning almost throughout and the second (and subsequent) viewings are when I'm catching more dialog and nuances. And, unfortunately, there was a problem with the DCP for this film, so the audience I was with had to wait over an hour to restart the film where it had left off when it had issues (it was worth it).

It can be said that I am firmly in Wes Anderson's camp and have been since his second feature Rushmore (1998) (still my favorite of his) was released on home video. I think his style is all his own and I'm OK with him making very similarly-styled films. Only a couple of his films (The Darjeeling Limited (2007) and Moonrise Kingdom (2012)) have struck me as being somewhat inferior to his other work, though I still think they are both great.

Looking forward to another viewing of this one, the only 2014 film I've seen so far and so obviously my top film of the year (so far).