The Strange Color Of Your Body's Tears (2013) ****1/2

This may well have beaten out THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL as my favorite film of the year. I need a second viewing of both though.

Even stranger, gorier (some scenes were incredibly intense and uncomfortable) and more Lynchian than AMER. Amazingly, I think AMER actually makes more sense. I can't pretend to have followed the "plot" (which involves a man looking for his missing wife, among lots of other bizarre shit) exactly, but as long as you can buy into art for art's sake, you will love this film.

Need I say visually stunning? I would liken this filmgoing experience (part of the Boston Underground Film Festival) with that of seeing BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW (which I described as "2001 meets Eraserhead meets The Man Who Fell To Earth meets Amer meets THX 1138 meets Cronenberg meets Coscarelli meets Vangelis meets Tangerine Dream", 2 years ago, which I saw as part of the Independent Film Festival Boston. And just look at the gorgeous poster (which I'm dying to get a print of)!

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