Caddyshack (1980) ***1/2

"I've often thought about becoming a golf club."

This was only my 2nd viewing, believe it or not.
Blu-ray looks decent and has a decent, feature-length documentary (sadly, absent of any of the four main actors, save O'Keefe).

This movie really is pretty stupid and really has no plot, but I actually found it funnier the 2nd time around.
Chase, Knight, Murray & Dangerfield are what make the film. Well, Cindy Morgan helps too, but let's not kid ourselves as to why that is...

For some reason, I never realized until now that Brian Doyle-Murray (co-writer of this film) is Bill's brother. Having grown up after Caddyshack was released (the year I was born actually), I associate Doyle-Murray moreso as Noah from Wayne's World.

Classic (and mostly improvised) dialogue and budding comic geniuses save this film from becoming a forgotten dud and elevating it to a raunchy comedy classic.

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