Iron & Wine 'Kiss Each Other Clean' (2011) ***

Ironically only two songs on this album feature acoustic guitar (typically Sam Beam's bread & butter).
Two of the songs also feature saxophone, which I like.

I understand that Beam is trying something different (for him) in making a more accessible, upbeat "Pop" album, but it didn't grab me on first listen.

Tracks 9 & 10, "Glad Man Singing" & "Your Fake Name Is Good Enough" respectively, are my two favorites.

Some of the drums sound processed, but not in a dancy kind of way, more in the way that Cake uses them, which I'm not crazy about.

Overall, a good album, but it feels like Beam has it in him to really knock it out the ballpark on the next one or continue to make just "good", or even mediocre, albums from here on out.


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  2. Lee -

    As a matter of fact, I was on Twitter for a long time.
    I never used it so I deleted my account very recently.
    I would always use FB instead, I hated being limited w/ the text on Twitter.

    I might be able to reactivate my account...