True Romance - Director's Cut (1993) ***

Something about this film hasn't aged well.
I feel as if should like this way more than I do now.
Upon previous viewings I have rated this movie a 1/2 to a whole * higher.
Now it seems *** is pushing it.
This movie has a ridiculously good cast, and some great moments, but the whole leaves me feeling a bit empty.
This film doesn't know what it wants to be - a romantic "comedy", a "serious" drama, a "mob" movie - and I suppose the mish-mash is probably why some people like it or what they feel sets it apart from other films.
But the jumble, along with the almost "heart warming", "feel good" score just doesn't grab me.
There was a very similar and far better film made 3 years previous to this one; it's called Wild At Heart (how about a Blu-ray?).

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