Mirah "Understanding" (2018) ***1/2

On Mirah's 6th solo studio (and 10th overall) LP, Understanding, she recorded the skeletons of the tracks whilst in art residencies away from home, later adding flourishes with producer El Crews (of Beulah fame) and Greg Saunier (of Deerhoof fame) back in her home base of NYC. As has always been the case, Mirah draws her lyrical inspiration from love, loss, hope and politics. The songs will feel familiar to those who've followed her musical journey—that of breathy vocals, impassioned cries for peace and harmony, raw and simple guitars, minimal synths and (mostly) gentle percussion.
"Hot Hot" (she so often seems to write songs about heat), the album's best cut, melds an indiefied R&B slow jam with chill out dance elements that perfectly suits Mirah's delivery. "Blinded By The Pretty Light" is another highlight—it's Mirah's "I'm On Fire", fitting given the similarity to another title by The Boss and the fact that she once covered "Dancing In The Dark".

For fans of Björk, Cat Power and Erin McKeown.