Music (meaning, for the most part - the music that I've already established that I enjoy) is the only thing in my life that (almost) never lets me down.
People (including myself) are unreliable, blinded by emotions and such.
But by channeling those emotions through song (music and lyrics), something is created that can only be tainted by people (including the original artist).
By this I mean - people can overplay a song or change their opinion of it, if they become jaded or their viewpoints change.
But the true intention and expression of the song never changes, the same as a picture or film remains as it was when it was made, ingrained (until directors and musicians decide to go meddling with their previous work).
And a song remains (either in recorded fashion or performed by other artists) even after the original songwriter has died.

I really think I'd lose my mind without music.

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