Gangs Of New York (2002) ***

I saw this film 3 times during its original theatrical run.
3 times.
I can't say that about many films.
I can think of a few films that I've seen twice in the theater (Eyes Wide Shut, There Will Be Blood, Sin City, Batman Begins all spring to mind), but not 3.

This man's performance is still the best part of this film.
I used to think the weakest part of this film was the casting of Cameron Diaz.
Upon this, I believe my 6th (!) viewing of this film, she doesn't bother me so much.
But the film as a whole just doesn't grab me like it used to.

9 years ago I probably would have given GONY four stars.
It still earns its three, but doesn't quite deserve another 1/2 star.
There's much to appreciate here, but Marty has made many masterpieces and this isn't one of them.

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