Phenomena (1985) ***

Argento was still consistently good at this point, but this film is nowhere near as good as Deep Red, Suspiria or Inferno. I'd say that even Tenebre has more replay value for me. But Phenomena has some great moments.

Starring a virtually unknown, already impossibly gorgeous 13-year-old Jennifer Connelly, a somewhat typecast but appropriate Donald Pleasence and lots of insects, Phenomena has a fantastic score/soundtrack (2/3 ethereal & 1/3 heavy metal), a few superb kills, and overall is enjoyable. Some of the dialogue is pretty bad, but that's standard fare for an Argento film.

The Blu-ray from UK company Arrow is typical - a beautiful package featuring exclusive special features, 4-panel reversible cover art, a slip cover, booklet and 2-sided poster, but a less than stellar transfer. I make the exception of double dipping the repeat BD titles between Arrow & Blue Underground because BU doesn't do much in the packaging department, but their transfers beat out Arrow every time.