For A Few Dollars More (1965) ****1/2

This has always been my favorite of the "Dollars Trilogy" - I love this film.
Everything about it improved on the original - the score, the shots, the characters, the plot.

Morricone's "pocket watch" theme is sublime and the music is what creates the tension throughout the film.

The addition of Lee Van Cleef's "Mortimer" opposite Eastwood's character ("Manco" in this 2nd outing) was a brilliant move and is pure cinema gold.

Gian Maria Volonté plays the brooding, scheming and at times lazy maniac to perfection.

Fistful was almost completely devoid of the famed "Leone close-up", but that changed with this film - here the close-ups, combined with the score and sound effects create iconic celluloid moments.

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