'Nina Simone Sings The Blues'

This is a blues album.
And I love that most of the songs don't necessarily rely on a stereotypical blues riff.

"Do I Move You?" has more swagger than most musicians would know what to do with.

"My Man's Gone Now" (from the Gershwin opera Porgy & Bess), somewhat of a jazz/blues hybrid, has so much effortless heart and soul that it puts so many saccharine, forced, wannabe "blues" songs to shame.

"I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl" (based on a Bessie Smith song) is the perfect song for sitting in the shade on a hot lazy summer day.

"Since I Fell For You" is sexy, languid and sublime.

The sped-up version of the folk standard "The House Of The Rising Sun" peps up the album a bit.

I can never get enough Nina.

*Thanks to Iris for encouraging me to buy 'After Hours', thus beginning my love for Simone.

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