DB Mix Series 2 – Spring Mix

One month ago my cousin Bryan gave me a music challenge—make our own Late Night Tales playlists for each other. We took 1 artist from each letter of the alphabet, found a chill song from our available music libraries, made a 26-song compilation, then shared. You can check out those mixes here.

We decided to keep these cousin (we're calling them "DB") mixes going. I chose this round's mix concept: Spring. The challenge was to take 1 artist from each letter of the alphabet (this time from Z–A), find a "spring" song from our available music libraries (it could be the title, lyrics, themes of rebirth, new love, growth, rain, etc.), make a 26-song compilation, then share.

We never tell each other which songs we are going to pick, so the mixes are a surprise for us both. We happen to have a lot of the same artists/songs in our respective (and large) music libraries and we often share artists/songs.

Amazingly, the first time we did a DB Mix, neither of us chose any of the same tracks and we only used 1 of the same artist (XTC). For the Spring Mix series, we both happened to choose the same Blonde Redhead song. This time we both used XTC songs again, but that's because neither one of us has any other "X" artists in our libraries. I made a conscious decision not to use any other of the same artists from my LNT mix on my Spring Mix.

Once again I designed the covers for these mixes with an initial (humorous) concept by Bryan.

To download the MP3s and cover art for both comps, go here: https://tinyurl.com/springmixes

Please enjoy and look for more DB Mixes in the future! Any feedback is welcome.