The Hitcher (1986) ***1/2

The Hitcher (1986) is a cat and mouse thriller, a suspenseful horror action flick, and a slasher with style. Rutger Hauer is a deliciously delirious and perturbing villain with no backstory, terrorizing C. Thomas Howell for seemingly no apparent reason. I was less sold on Howell, which isn't to say he doesn't give an impassioned performance, but I wanted something more from him.

Some parts drag in odd spots, but there are also some incredible stunts, and it's all shot beautifully. Recommended for fans of Duel (1971), Halloween (1978) and The Terminator (1984).


  1. This movie used to creep me out as a kid yet it was a favorite of mine to watch with my father. The remake wasn't nearly as good. Rutger Hauer played a very believable deranged man. Great movie!

    1. Rutger always plays a good creep. Haven't seen the remake but probably won't bother with it.


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