Deep Red - Export Version (1975) ****1/2

The last time that I watched Deep Red (Profondo Rosso) (1975), two years ago, I watched the "Original Version" (127 mins, sometimes called the Director's Cut) and I noted that I prefer this, the "Export Version" (105 mins, sometimes called the Theatrical Cut). I find that the Original Version is overlong and drags and I don't feel that the scenes that were dropped for the Export Version add any true substance to the film.

That aside, Deep Red holds up incredibly well on repeat viewings, due in large part to Goblin's fantastic and memorable score and a strong lead role played by David Hemmings. Deep Red also marks the first time that Argento had a decent female lead character, thanks to Daria Nicolodi, who holds her own and has good chemistry with Hemmings. Daria was romantically involved with Dario and would greatly influence his future works.

This film has always been my favorite giallo and honestly ties for me as Argento's best film — it and Suspiria (1977) are just so different from each other that it's difficult to compare them.

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